Catching resume from suspend?

Anders Lund anders at
Sat Dec 5 20:03:39 GMT 2009

Chani skrev:
> > > now, I get the feeling that since it doesn't Just Work yet, Solid
> > > doesn't provide us with any such signal. this feels like the sort of
> > > thing that solid *should* provide, but I don't know enough about the
> > > low-level details to say how it should be implemented.
> >
> > This has recently been discussed on hardware-devel
> >
> thanks.
> hmm, not looking very positive right now. silly HAL. but there's got to be
>  a way, right? :)

Appearently, an option is to put a script in /usr/lib/pm-util that sends a 
dbus message. That message could be caught by, say, a plasma dataengine. I 
don't know how portable it is, but for example NetworkManager is using that on 
my system, along with several other applications.

Venlig hilsen,

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