Catching resume from suspend?

Anders Lund anders at
Sat Dec 5 17:21:38 GMT 2009


Sorry for crossposting, I hope it is not too bad.

Now my problem: I have several plasma applets that uses qtimer to schedule 
updates. These updates are then screwed up because of system suspends (I close 
the lid of my laptop). So I can see two possible solutions:

1) a signal that informs about a resume from suspend/standby (I tried to use 
the powersave plasma dataengine which have state variables, but they are not 
updated during suspend/resume events)

2) using brute force by checking the system time in intervals (such as every 
minute). In a plasma event this would mean connecting to the time dataengine 
and compare my scheduled time with the current.

I ask because I do not have the knowledge to decide what is the best thing to 
do, or if 1) is possible at all - afaik it is not, since I havent found any 
working solution for it (I know there is something called KIdleTime in KDE 
4.4, but I do not see how that could help in this case).

Kind regards,

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