Animated labels and progress bars in Oxygen considered harmful?

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Dec 2 10:09:42 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 02 December 2009, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> Hi,
> This evening I was busy polishing the tooltips which appear over
> Gwenview tooltips (current ones are a bit crappy). These tooltips are
> implemented using QLabel instead of QToolTip because QLabel provide
> precise positioning.
> One of the bugs I noticed was that when the mouse moved from item1 to
> item2, the tooltip label would be immediatly moved to item2, but it
> would still display item1 text for a few seconds.
> It turned out this was caused by the Oxygen widget style animating the
> change of label text. I can probably work around this by using a custom
> widget instead of a QLabel, but I believe it would be the wrong fix.
> Oxygen goes too far in my opinion, and should not try to animate labels
> behind the developer's back.

if i understood correctly it does appen the following:
-mouse over an image it shows a tooltip
-mouse over another image, the tooltip disappears, appears over the new image 
and the text fades, right?

so what should be done in the style is simply disable the animatin if the 
widget, or any of his parent hyerarchy is not visible.

(even tough i would prefer for tooltips that they would just slide to the new 
position with fading text, without the magical disappear and appear, but 
that's another story)

the behabiour it has now feels way more natural, it has quirks for sure (we're 
having sme ugly problems with proxywidgets for them but nothing that can't be 
overcomed i think), becase it's young, but shouldn't be killed only because 
oh, noes! it's not how computer worked!

> The "Animated progress bars" option is also probably problematic as I
> guess it is the cause of the strange behavior of the "Get Hot New Stuff"
> dialog (if you click "Install" on several items in a short while, the
> progress bar goes back and forth).

i see nothing wrong with that, it looks more natural to me

Marco Martin

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