Minimal kdelibs on embedded platforms

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Tue Dec 1 23:57:37 GMT 2009

Em Quarta-feira 2. Dezembro 2009, às 00.46.48, Ralf Habacker escreveu:
> Pau Garcia i Quiles schrieb:
> > The same problems are present on Mac, I must say. We still do not
> > develop for Mac but I'd say we'll do in a year.
> >
> > I do not know kdelibs to the point that I could say if it's feasible
> > to have kdelibs working on Windows and Mac without DBus,
> may be solvable by a dummy QDbus implementation or build system options
> to exclude qdbus stuff from build ?

No, because we do need QtDBus for the things where IPC is needed.

So I'd say "bite the bullet and install D-Bus on Windows and Mac".

> > kded,
> need to be analysed in which area kdelibs will not work without
> > kdeinit,
> only a wrapper -. started internal in kdelibs (KToolInvocation) - adding
> a cmake options would solve this in minutes.

kdeinit is the least of the problems, to be frank. Like you said, it's just a 
wrapper to launch separate processes that are needed.

> > etc. I'd say it requires so much work it's unrealistic to
> > propose that before KDE5, if at all.
> I guess this depends on the related application requirements.

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