KMid2 status

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas pedro.lopez.cabanillas at
Tue Dec 1 22:00:10 GMT 2009


I've been developing KMid2 (a MIDI/karaoke player) in playground-multimedia 
SVN for several weeks, and yesterday published the first preview release. 
Packages are available at SourceForge:

My plan is moving it to extragear-multimedia some day, and continue the 
development, not depending on the KDE SC release cycle. That's why I've 
created the SF project site. 

At this point, the initial features are completed, with Linux support only, a 
single MIDI output port, and no KPart. I would like to stop here to think 
about the work done, and listen to the community and users' feedback.

Is it a good time to move the repository to kdereview? Maybe I should wait 
until 4.4 is released, or later? Is there something missing or a forgotten 
step to fulfill before?

Another question. I would like to setup a forum (or mailing list) and a bug 
tracker (separated from the old KMid one). There is already an user Wiki page 
at (thanks, Anne!). I would prefer to use the 
KDE facilities instead of the SF ones, when possible. May I?

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