kde-qt branches after 4.6.0 release

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Dec 1 13:12:39 GMT 2009

Hi everyone

BTW, Qt 4.6.0 is out: http://qt.nokia.com/about/news/nokia-releases-qt-4.6

I have now updated the kde-qt repository. Here's what the branches will be 
from now on:

master 				v4.6.0 + patches; next update: v4.6.1
4.6-stable-patched		4.6-stable + patches; updates every day
README				the README file
4.5.1-patched			v4.5.1 + patches; historical
4.5.2-patched			v4.5.2 + patches; historical
4.5.3-patched			v4.5.3 + patches; historical; recommended for KDE 4.3
4.5.4-patched			v4.5.4 + patches (when 4.5.4 is released)
notsafe/*				individual patches

 - there is no Qt 4.7-based branch anywhere in kde-qt, yet.
   This means kde-qt.git master is NOT based on qt.git master
   (Branches with the same name ARE NOT related to each other)
   I'll post when I create the 4.7 branch, in a month or two

 - 4.6-stable-patched is NOT updated yet. I'll update tomorrow once the 
   internal CI system builds the 4.6 branch past the v4.6.0 tag.
   Its Qt version will be 4.6.1.

 - there's no branch that will follow the qt.git 4.6 branch.
   If you need bleeding edge changes (not waiting for the CI system to update 
   4.6-stable and someone to update 4.6-stable-patched), just merge the 
   changes yourself:
	git pull git://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt.git 4.6

   Note you'll diverge from the upstream branches, so you may want to revert 
   this change once you're done (git reset --hard $SOME_SHA1)

 - To find out where you are or to ask users where they are, use the git 
   describe command. Currently:
   $ git describe

   How to read it: ${MOST_RECENT_TAG}-${COMMIT_COUNT}-g${SHORT_SHA1}
   (the 'g' stands for Git)
   This means the current branch tip for the kde-qt#master branch is 48a2af2,
   which is 37 commits ahead of tag v4.6.0

 - due to the way that the master and 4.6-stable-patched branches are created 
   (with Git merges), it will be extremely hard for packagers to extract 
   patches from them. KDE developers didn't like the solution I created that 
   would accommodate everyone (the 4.5.x-patched branches), so to make the 
   developers' lives easier, we're making the packagers' lives absolute 
   nightmare. I'm not available for help, don't bother asking on IRC.

Thiago Macieira - thiago (AT) macieira.info - thiago (AT) kde.org
  Senior Product Manager - Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks
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