KDE Trunk based on Qt 4.6

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Sun Aug 30 20:07:18 BST 2009

Op Sunday 30 August 2009 20:58 schreef u:
> I'd do it like this: when the 4.6 beta is released, we decide whether it's 
> early enough to meet KDE 4.4 final's schedule.

No. We can not release KDE 4.4.0 without a full beta cycle based on the /final/ Qt version. 
So, having a beta says nothing to me about the final release date of Qt. 

If you want to develop on Qt 4.6, pick a branch to work in and if Qt release the day before KDE 4.4.0 beta1, we can merge in the finished bits.

KDE Developer

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