KDE Trunk based on Qt 4.6

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Sun Aug 30 17:13:08 BST 2009

Op Sunday 30 August 2009 15:15 schreef u:
> Qt 4.6 will be released end of this year [...]. So should we based the trunk on top
> of 4.6 for KDE 4.4?

My humble opinion is that if Qt 4.6 is released before KDE 4.4 Beta 1, we can depend on it. If not released before November 11th, we can not test it properly and can not depend on it.

Next to that, you state 'it will be released at the end of this year', I don't think we can depend on it, usually Qt releases when ready, and that means it can become Januari. The relevant bit here is that we can not depend on it. There is always a KDE 4.4.1...

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