Merging libconversation to kdelibs

Allen Winter winter at
Sun Aug 30 14:04:21 BST 2009

On Sunday 30 August 2009 7:31:09 am you wrote:
> Am Sunday 30 August 2009 11:47:25 schrieb Carsten Niehaus:
> > I just wanted to ping about the move of libconversation into kdelibs.
> Hm, that name is a bit generic. Maybe libkdeunitconversion or abbreviations of 
> that, e.g. libkunitconv?
> If other coversion types are planned than unit conversions, then I would just 
> add some "kde" or "k" in there.
> At least opensync uses a already:

Yes, I would like to see this library committed.

Perhaps the name is a problem, though.
I don't have a better suggestion than libkunits or libkunitconv


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