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Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at
Wed Aug 26 20:13:05 BST 2009

Hi Stefan,
There's generic model/view based property editor for KDE. It's now in
koffice/kexi/koproperty2 and is of beta quality. I've been developing
it for a few months in 2008-2009 as a deep rewrite for Qt 4.
Adam Pigg already mentioned you about that; the library has all the
features you need, including extensibility trough custom types and
I am thinking about having koproperty2 as Qt-only library with
possibility for adding kde-specific extensions/overloads, if needed.

I guess kdelibs is not good place for such specialized frameworks, so
we probably need to wait for a place for such libraries (kdesupport is
not such place IIRC). Until then you can just run cmake on the
subdirectory to build the library.

Thoughts, anyone?

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
 Kexi & KOffice (,
 KDE Libraries for MS Windows (

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