Review Request: Extend khtml API to allow retrieval of the adblock filter that was matched (for display in GUI)

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Fri Aug 21 17:09:56 BST 2009

> This change should be BC according to the rules at
> because it only adds new non-virtual functions (but
> StringsMatcher::isMatched() becomes overloaded, so not SC).  When possible
> (KDE5?), the two overloads of this can be merged into one with a default
> argument.

StringsMatcher is a private class, so you can change methods freely, and
hence can merge the two methods right now.

I am a bit confused by the behavior of adFilteredBy when the URL is
whitelisted, though.

The KHTMLSettings new method needs @since...

Everything else looks good,

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