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Dawit A. adawit at kde.org
Wed Aug 19 15:32:49 BST 2009

Is there any good reason why empty titles are not allowed in Konqueror's title 
bar ? Both of the setCaption member functions in KonqMainWindow.cpp (@ 4351) 
and KonqView.cpp (@ 700) reject an empty caption.

I am in the process of fixing the history navigation issues when using the 
webkitpart and I have ironed out all the issues except when no title is 
present in the document being displayed. In other words a missing <TITLE> tag 
in the document which is affected by the issue above.

What happens in webkitpart is that whenever QtWebKit emits the titleChanged 
signal the parts setWindowCaption signal is invoked. However, QtWebkit always 
first clears the title everytime the url changes by emitting titleChanged with 
an empty/null strings and sets is to the current title after it parses the 
<TITLE> tag in the new document. However, because of the restrictions imposed 
by Konqueror in the above two functions, the title from the previous document 
remains displayed if the current document does not provide a title. This is 
always the case if the user clicks on a link to a text document in webkitpart 
for example. The result is the entries in the history navigation buttons 
(forward/backward) will contain show the wrong text (previous title).

The attached patch changes this behavior in Konqueror, but I am not sure why 
an empty caption was disallowed in the first place. If it was to prevent an 
empty entry from showing up in the back/forward buttons, I have tried to 
address that in this patch by using the location bar url instead when the 
title is empty. Perhaps, boomarking needs similar fix ?
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