Colour of squiggly line used for misspelled words (was Re: KDE/kdelibs/kate)

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Aug 18 18:00:27 BST 2009

Michel Ludwig wrote:
> On Tuesday 18 August 2009 00:17:40 you wrote:
>> On 2009-08-17 15:20, Michel Ludwig wrote:
>>> I think that this squiggly line colour should belong to a new 
>>> category, something like "alert colours", which can be different
>>> from text colours.
>> There is a "decoration" category (currently hover and focus) that I
>> think is the category you are thinking of, but adding color roles is not
>> something to be done lightly. It's worth considering, but I feel it
>> would take a very strong argument (and more than one application) why
>> NegativeText shouldn't be used.
> Ok, adding some kind of alert colour to the decoration category would make 
> sense in my opinion. There is on-the-fly spell checking implemented in 
> KTextEdit widgets, and KMail, for example, and at least KTextEdit seems to 
> use hard-coded red for the squiggly line:

Okay. It occurs to me that "Attention" could also be used e.g. by 
KSnapshot when drawing the window highlight, or to highlight the rects 
of DOM elements in an HTML DOM browser (e.g. Firefox's DOM Inspector; 
don't know if Konqueror has something similar or not). So there are a 
few use cases.

So unless someone either a) has a better idea, or b) convinces me this 
would be a horrible mistake ;-), I think I will add AttentionColor to 
KColorScheme::DecorationRole for KDE 4.4. I will plan that it will use 
NegativeText by default if the color is not specified in the scheme. I 
will also plan to update all shipped schemes to include this new color.

I'd appreciate also if anyone from -usability has any comments.

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