[PATCH] set up and update timezone in clock config module

sycao sycao at redflag-linux.com
Mon Aug 10 07:37:39 BST 2009

Hi, all
     I have been following bug 196316 a while, and this clock config 
module does have many
problems. so I write this patch, while fix some problems like
1. currentZone doesn't update effectively after timezone changed.
2. ntp server list is translated, and can not be treated correctly by 

and along with patch I sent for KDirWatch
( see http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=124962267106441&w=2 ), it 
can make
ktimezoned work correctly, at least when inotify is configed in kernel.

I have test it under Fedora like system with kernel
No /etc/timezone

I'm not quite sure if it works for other systems, so please test it and 
tell me the result.

Sian Cao

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