API robustness - (was: Different ways to create a directory)

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Sun Aug 9 04:07:36 BST 2009


> > Aren't they just duplicating functionality available elsewhere?
> I don't think so.

This is something (and this very case) that I lovingly criticize about our own 
API and in general the way people can use our API (and Qt's API).

Sometimes (even on our own code) we mix up QFile & its features with for 
instance, KIO, or NetAccess (what is KIO also in the end).

I actually think this can confuse developers, and in some way one sometimes 
can be tempted to use Qt's API sometimes where KDE's is strongly suggested.

In this special case I think we should only advise (from my POV obviously) KIO 
and NetAccess usage. Also, they should have some kind of flag to create all 
the missing folders to complete the path. This way, yet another symbol is not 

So apart from the general rule that if you have KFoo and QFoo, use KFoo, we 
should have some kind of flag for the documentation called something like 
"@replaces". Like in KIO::mkdir, "@replaces QDir::mkdir". Basically, because 
KIO will _always_ do the right thing, while you can expect failures when QDir 
is given non local URI's.

What I am talking about is API robustness and intuitiveness.

Rafael Fernández López.

PS: please, I don't intend to start a war here, but just improve KDE. The 
easier our API is, the better, the smallest, the better, the more intuitive, 
the better and the more consistent, the better.
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