KCharsets::codecForName bug

Martin Koller kollix at aon.at
Sat Aug 8 19:11:16 BST 2009


I'm checking a report from kmail saying that not all codecs are shown as in some
older KDE version. Epsecially I'm seeing that ISO-8859-1 is not shown.

Debugging from where that comes from, I find a strange thing in KCharsets
and hope someone can tell me if this is really a bug or something:

kmail calls KGlobal::charsets()->availableEncodingNames();
end then loops over all names and calls  KGlobal::charsets()->codecForName(*it, ok);

Now I found that the name "ISO 10646-UCS-2" does return the iso-8859-1 codec as the
ok argument given returns false ...
The same problem goes for "ucs2" and "utf7".

Why ?
Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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