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Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> not to scare anyone, but at Tokamak III later this month one 
of the topics
> will be about replacing virtual desktops as they are currently 
> with "window groups" (the same thing as virtual desktops if 
you use them
> the same way you use virtual desktops today, so it's not 
totally radical),
> coordinating those with Plasma activities (if you are running 
both Plasma
> and KWin, anyways) and then tying the whole thing into context 
that will
> be orchestrated via Nepomuk. the latter part will be the 
"most" optional
> part of this (as in "you can completely ignore it if you don't 
care about
> it"), but it's something that will be highly unique and 
special to KDE's
> workspace if we pull it off. and to make it rock, we'll need 
> working nicely for people otherwise they won't use it and the 
feature will
> be little more than a cool hack.

Yes! I'm assuming a plasmoid to do something like:

"Hey, I'll start development here, so start KDevelop, git-cola, 
Konqueror to Qt/KDE docs, whatever else in a new plasma 
session/desktop (possibly with different KWin rules for 
placement/sizing/whatever than otherwise exist)"

at the click of a button would be possible with this (session 
micro-manager? micro-session manager?). Contextual hints for 
KWin rules would be nice as well, though that's another wishlist 
item. Would be nice :) .

- --Ben
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