kio_sftp rewrite

nf2 at
Thu Aug 6 20:56:17 BST 2009

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 3:39 PM, Andreas Schneider<mail at> wrote:
> If you're interested I would maintain kio_sftp and add more features.

Just to mention it: GVFS also handles SFTP and i'm planning to work on
the KIO/GVFS integration (KIO-GioBridge) in autumn:

* Integrating the GVFS "virtual" mounts into KFilePlaces (they are
listet in remote:/ at the moment)

* Work on KNetAttach and bookmarking server URLs

* Investigate how KDE could make use of the GVFS-FUSE bridge for
POSIX-only applications.

* Fix the incompatibility with the URIs some GVFS backends (like
archive:) use, and QUrl

* Look whether the KIO implementation could become more modular (to be
able to link GIO in-process)...

Of course that's more a long term project because it depends on the
success of the fd.o secret storage project as well...


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