kio_sftp rewrite

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen admin at
Thu Aug 6 11:21:19 BST 2009

On Thursday 06 August 2009 12:11:23 Tom Albers wrote:
> At Thursday 06 August 2009 10:50, you wrote:
> > That makes it really easy to browse your home computers
> > remotely, definitely something most users want to do as home networks are
> > getting common IMO.
> Most users? Really? Wow.

  Specifically the users who don't know they're running KDE at all, such as 
those who have a netbook with Plasma-netbook installed and want to work on 
something sitting on the desktop their daughter is currently using to play 
some online game... Or the people who run the media center plasma on their TV 
who want to view some movie sitting on the son's computer in his room... You 
get the idea - any place which has more than one computer would benefit from 

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                          or no

                          - Piet Hein

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