kio_sftp rewrite

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Thu Aug 6 08:08:42 BST 2009

On Thursday 06 August 2009 00:54:22 Dawit A. wrote:
> Hi Andreas,

Hi Dawit,

> This is great. I have been thinking about doing this for KDE 4, but due to
> shortage of time nothing came of my initial plans. Anyhow, I have one few
> questions of the technical kind... The other ssh library libssh2
> ( makes some claims of thread-safety (largley not a
> concern for KDE) and speed vs libssh. See

this is FUD. If this is the way they want to comptete with us, then we will 
beat them!

> Since I have no experience of using either library, my question is how much
> truth to that statement  (may be out of date page), but if it is true, can
> the issue be rectified in the future ?

libssh is thread-safe using different sessions at same time. The same applies 
to libssh2, they are not completely thread safe!

The speed comparsion is a joke. The binaries they compared do different 
things. Aris started to write a scp example see if we have speed problems but 
I don't think so.

> Regardless, as someone that looked over kio_sftp for a while, I like this
> change especially since you will then have to inherit and subsequently
> close the remaining kio_sftp bugs ;)

Oh, ähm. Hopefully they are all fixed now. What I don't like in the current 
implementation and it would be great if someone could look at it, is the 
keyboard interactive authentication. I use openPasswordDialog as there is no 
other mechnanism to ask the user questions.

> Great work and good luck...



	-- andreas
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