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Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Aug 5 22:35:24 BST 2009

A Dimecres, 5 d'agost de 2009, Aaron J. Seigo va escriure:
> fwd'ing to k-c-d so people there know (e.g. translators)

I'd like to object to this software embedding all the flags.

Also i'd like to point out that the flags are using country codes and not 
language codes so you have

ca -> Canada
 instead of
ca -> Catalan

eu -> European Union
 instead of
eu -> Basque

And LanguageModel::setupLanguageMap is doing something quite ugly. We have 
code for that in KLocale (hint languageCodeToName)


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> Subject: translatoid
> Date: Wednesday 05 August 2009
> From: sacha schutz <istdasklar at gmail.com>
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> Hello
> I just copy the translatoid applet in kdereview/plasma/applets.
> I correct some bugs, like textColor and translation mistake.
> So, contact me if there are some problems with it.
> ++
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