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Andreas Schneider mail at
Wed Aug 5 14:39:07 BST 2009

Hello list!

My name is Andreas Schneider, I'm a developer and the maintainer of libssh, a 
library which implements the SSH Protocol. 
During the openSUSE Hack Week I've rewritten kio_sftp using libssh with the a 
little help from Dirk Müller. The old kioslave implemented the sftp protocol 
itself, executed the ssh binary and piped everything into the binary.

With libssh you have less code to maintain and the new slave provides more 
features than the old one (datails for list and stat, resume support).

I have a patch of my current work for KDE 4.3. You can find it here:

The slave works just fine here, but still needs more testing. If you want to 
test it you need at least libssh 0.3.2. You can get it at

If you're interested I would maintain kio_sftp and add more features. I'm 
implementing support for openssh extensions in libssh at the moment (statvfs, 
fstatvfs). This would allow us to check available disk space first before we 
copy anything to the server.

More about libssh:

libssh wasn't active for some time, then I joined the project and we are on 
the way for world domination now! We get more and more contributiors at the 
moment. We plan to have a release at least every 6 month. If there are serious 
bugs we will to bugfix releases as soon as possible.

libssh 0.3 has *no official* Windows support yet. I build windows binaries 
with mingw since 0.3.0, see
I know that there are windows users of libssh cause patches are flying in.

libssh 0.4 will have official Windows support. I just have to fix this MSVC 
crap first ;)

Comments are welcome :)

Best regards,

        -- andreas
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