Using code from Qt's demos in KDE applications

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Mon Aug 3 20:44:58 BST 2009

Le Monday 03 August 2009, Stefan Majewsky a écrit :
> Hi,
> my GSoC student Zeng Huan is currently working on a heightmap editor for
> Kolf. For a brush tool, he currently uses some code from the Qt demo on
> gradients.
> What is the preferred way to correctly attribute the origin of the source
> code? We have already left the Qt license header in the source file, but
> should we make some extra attribution in the about dialog or such?

It is not required to (although you can) add reference in the UI to code 
borrowed from Qt or any GPL project.
You just need to respect the (L)GPL  which I guess you do as your project is 
GPLv2 itself from what I seen

So as soon as you keep the copyright notice with the file, that's fine.


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