Accelerators missing from dialogs in KDE 4.3

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Sun Aug 2 10:27:19 BST 2009

On Sunday 02 August 2009, Chani wrote:
> > I think this issue is especially complicated for KDE because such
> > accelerators aren't as essential for us as they are on some other
> > platforms. For my paid employment, I work all day in proprietary
> > "IDEs" on Windows. None of these allow the user to remap shortcuts
> > and many of them have crucial menu items with no shortcut at all.
> > As a result I've come to rely heavily on "menu shortcut sequences"
> > like Alt, F, K or Alt, W, A or Alt, I, B, 3. In a KDE app I
> > wouldn't bother with such foolishness; I would just assign decent
> > shortcuts to those actions.
> mostly I aggree.
> but there is one i rely on in kmail: ignore thread. somehow I can't
> assign a shortcut for the thread stuff. probably an oversight and I
> should probably submit a patch someday :)

That would be a regression (probably of the port to KDE 4). I have 
assigned a shortcut to Ignore Thread in KMail 1.9.10 and it even works.

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