Improving kdewebkit/webkitpart [Was: KDE Browser work team]

Dawit A. adawit at
Sun Aug 2 05:11:49 BST 2009

Now that I have committed my changes, I thought I outline here some of the 
small progress I have made so far in advancing kdewebkit/webkitpart one step 
towards being a viable alternative browsing engine for Konqueror and other 
browsers that want to make use of it. Instead of rehash or debating again the 
virtues of Konqueror as a web browser or whether or not it is possible to 
properly to even integrate the webkitpart into konqueror fully using the 
current configuration settings/dialogs, I rather outline what is currently done 
and what is missing or needs help and encourage people to either contribute or 
test it out and provide feedback:

What is already completed:
** Full KCookiejar integration and by full I mean complete. You can use the 
current cookie config dialog to set your policy/settings etc...

** Visual notification of SSL sites in konqueror's address bar. (security pad 
lock icon)

** Configuration changes no longer require restart of the browser.

** Nice error messages like ones shown in KHTML when an error is encountered. 
Actually the message formatting code was borrowed from KHTML.

What is partially done:
** Ad filterting support:
  Needs a whole lot of improvements though it now works fine so long as the 
settings are properly configured.

** Javascript Window policies (open, move, resize, focus, status bar).
  Still missing the implementation for "Ask" condition when a javascript open 
new window is received.

** Almost all Konqueror settings should be honored when using the kdewebkit 
part with minor exceptions listed here. What is not tested is Java integration 
because I have no use/need for them...

What is still missing:
** nsplugin support:
   The one included with QtWebKit works fine but causes the browser (read: 
Konqueror) to crash the minute you navigate away from the site embedding the 
   The KDE nspluginviewer part correctly gets embeded and does not crash (at 
least not for me), but the minute you click to start play, it renders your 
mouse useless and does not play the video. Have to use the keyboard to kill 
the nsplugviewer process...

** kwallet integration:
  Dunno where to being...

** WebKitSettings:
  This class needs to be re-done so that it is flexiable enough to allow 
application to use their own configuration settings much like how one can set 
the own implementation of a cookiejar, cache etc in QNetworkManager.

My hope here is that this work demonstrate that the task of integrating 
kdewebkit into Konqueror as an alternate rendering engine is not such a 
monumental task. In fact were it not for some tricky issues it is down right 
trivial once one gets a hang of how QtWebKit and and to some extent KParts 
work. Now if only someone can tell me why ksslinfodialog.h is not installed by 

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