Review Request: 'Recent Places' per application and context

Luca Bellonda lbellonda at
Thu Apr 30 13:16:12 BST 2009

The point is to have features that can adapt to different user
environments, even for same application, so I think that a generic
'search' extension is not sufficient for the user. When Plasma
activities will be taken care of, same program behavior will be
different when switching from Activity to Activity. Anyway Nepomuk
integration is goal, but programs should collect informations without
user work, if possible.

The code is only a prototype, to start a discussion.

I expressed some ideas in more expanded (and tedious) form here:



>This feature might be in conflict with the nepomuk-IO-slave. If you just enter nepomuk:// as >URL, you get a recent places directory for free. Maybe it would be enough to add a >"nepomuk://"-entry to the places sidebar?

>- Peter

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