Parker Coates parker.coates at
Thu Apr 30 14:44:03 BST 2009

2009/4/30 Darío Andrés:
>> Can you please make me the following address the assignee for all bugs
>> assigned to systemsettings/general systemsettings/treeview please? I
>> have just performed the move of KControl4 ( now System Settings ) to
>> kdebase.
>> Address: sourtooth+ssbugs at
>> I already have a bugzilla account, but wish to use a seperate address
>> to track the bugs.
>> Thanks,
>> Ben Cooksley.
> You need to create a bugzilla account with that mail address in order
> to assign the products to you.

Also if you wish to be able to use the BUG and CCBUG SVN commit hooks,
the email address of your Bugzilla account must be the same as the one
used for your SVN account. So using a separate address for Bugzilla
will come at the costs of some convenience.


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