Fred Emmott mail at fredemmott.co.uk
Thu Apr 30 11:31:24 BST 2009

On Thursday 30 April 2009 10:43:28 John Tapsell wrote:
> Again, could you give an actual example?  We are talking about the
> graphical version only here.

"kdesu wireshark" is one I frequently use, and would be annoyed at having to 
retype my password.

I also believe this is the wrong level to ask for a change in default sudo 
behaviour - instead, I'd suggest encouraging distributions/sudo to change the 
default value of timestamp_timeout - this way, the same issue you're worried 
about would also be fixed for terminal sudo users, and overridable by people 
who like the current behaviour.

This approach:
a) is already implemented
b) doesn't require any kdesu changes
c) doesn't make kdesu act differently to sudo from terminal


Fred Emmott

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