branches/KDE/4.2/kdelibs/plasma [BIC]

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Thu Apr 30 01:37:50 BST 2009

> On Wednesday 29 April 2009, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>> Ehhm, adding a const is binary incompatible ?
> With some compilers, yes.

With all of them, actually, considering you can do this:

class Foo() {
   void bar();
   void bar() const;

which requires the two bar's to be mangled differently.

> names -- also consts in parameter types, which is why you see mee
> commiting
> const-matching things every now and then, when a parameter is const in one
> (header or source) and non-const in the other.

This is different, though --- a 'const int' parameter is exactly the same
as an 'int' parameter as far as the caller is concerned.

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