Fwd: KDEReview for Mandelbrot Wallpaper Plugin

Benoit Jacob jacob.benoit.1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 13:16:15 BST 2009


The Mandelbrot wallpaper plugin has been in kdereview for 2 weeks, but
nobody seems to have looked at it because, following instructions I
received on #plasma, I only sent an email to plasma-devel, which
didn't get any reply.

I hope it is still time for it to be reviewed in time for inclusion in
kdeplasma-addons in KDE 4.3.


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From: Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1 at gmail.com>
Date: 2009/4/14
Subject: KDEReview for Mandelbrot Wallpaper Plugin
To: plasma-devel at kde.org


The Mandelbrot wallpaper plugin is now in KDEReview, at this address:


***** Basic facts: *****

844 lines of code (according to sloccount)
Stripped executable size: 68 kB.

Nontrivial dependencies: Eigen >= 2.0 (in kdesupport).

Should be completely portable.

***** Description: *****

Allows to navigate through the Mandelbrot set,

To enable: go to the Desktop Settings dialog, then in "Wallpaper", in
the "Type" combo-box, choose Mandelbrot.

Use the "Lock view" checkbox to let it behave like a plain wallpaper.

* non-blocking rendering (in separate threads)
* uses as many threads as you have CPU cores (Qt's idealThreadCount)
* uses SSE2 or AltiVec if available (through the Eigen library) with
graceful fallback if none available
* on x86, both paths (with and without SSE2) are compiled and a
runtime test using the Solid library determines if SSE2 is available
* immediate previews based on previous image
* tile-based rendering starting from the tile you're most interested in
* supersampling up to 16x
* caching of rendered image using Plasma::Wallpaper's functionality
* color gradients based on HSV color mixing


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