Chani chanika at
Fri Apr 24 18:24:33 BST 2009

> One usually do not trigger mouse clicks accidentally because it's a
> point-and-click operation. Wheel-scroll is not: you just roll the wheel,
> thinking the mouse is still over the document you are reading. That's
> the whole point of mouse wheel: scrolling without pointing the cursor at
> the scrollbar.

this is why I have a bright yellow double-size pointer ;) I thought it looked 
a bit silly when I first saw someone with it, but when I tried it myself it 
just made so much *sense* - I always know where it is now, and don't have to 
wave it around to find it.

oh, and when my soc project is done you'll be able to turn off the annoying 
scroll-change-desktop feature. it might even end up off by default...

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