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Fri Apr 24 17:43:25 BST 2009

afaics his request went far beyond "don't use wheels on systray icons"

regarding that (and hoping i understood aarons proposal) there should be no 
"mouse wheel" on no "icon" at all, because both are not assumable anymore.


you've got a client, a server and a protocol. the server signals the client an 
action requesting input and the client reacts.

what actually triggered the input on the server and if it displays an icon at 
all is then matter of specific implementation.


as for "sensible limits": i think there's none. you can just have "priority"

some apps won't make use out of more than one action at all, while others 
might provide access to 15.
if you connect them to the actions in priority descending (and maybe 
configurable to personal preferences) order, that's no problem at all.

e.g. for kmix
- #1 show simple mixer
- #2 show context menu (these may already be swapped by pers. pref.)
- #3 toggle mute
- #4 master volume up
- #5 master volume down (MW, press mouse and move, ...)
- #6 line volume up
- #7 line volume down (e.g. ctrl + MW)
- ....

the app and it's proxy are fully usable by one or two actions, but if the 
client can make use, the server can provide and the user wants more, nothing 
holds them back.
so why exactly should we artificially limit interaction to some arbitrary 
i mean, it's not like auntie nora has to learn all the possible stuff or frag 
2h a day to improve a mouse skills. (e.g. i can squeeze a document out of 
LaTeX, but i'm not nearly half aware on one percent of all options...)


Am Friday 24 April 2009 schrieb Robert Knight:
> I'm thinking it would be a good idea to keep the number of ways of
> interacting with an icon very limited to force application developers
> to make the interaction 'model' simple.  Three choices, as provided by
> the proposed API, is a sensible limit.
> I know some KDE users would love the idea of being able to two a
> three-fingered twisting gesture with medium pressure to change their
> microphone input volume in KMix but that's not helpful when that piece
> of the desktop UI is something which is meant to be used by a broad
> audience including less technical users and users who don't have the
> motor skills of a regular counter-strike player.
> Regards,
> Robert.
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