RFC v2: adding a temporary, non-BC gauranteed, 'private' library

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Fri Apr 24 10:01:23 BST 2009

Jeudi, le 23 avril 2009, à 22:50, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit:
> the new new plan is this:
> svn location: extragear/libs/knotificationitem

I really wonder if _extra_gear/libs is the right location.

These libs will be hard dependecies for some programs in the normal kde 
modules, right? So I have to build them between kdelibs/kdepimlibs and the 
other modules:
	qt-copy->kdesupport->kdelibs->kdepimlibs->$FRESHLIBS->kdebase & Co.
And between major release the API will change, so I would have to update them 
on mondays if compiling one of the dependent programs/modules.

So could we instead create a new module
	trunk/KDE/kdenewlibs (or similar).
Such a name and the location would better reflect what the content is about.

> the results of this will end up being described as "how to get big changes
> that may carry uncertainty into kdelibs" on techbase.

This does not only affect libs of kdelibs, but also some of the other modules 
which (as far as I was told) have to keep their API stable, too, once made 

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