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> questions, comments are desired.


This is cool, I like the update.  I have a couple of concerns though.

      * There are function calls for both popup menu and mouse click.
        And I guess I don't understand the difference.  Would a someone
        get both the mouse click event and a popup menu event if someone
        clicked on the icon?

      * With the mouse click event I'm guessing that the x,y are the x,y
        inside the icon?  Or on the screen?  It seems like you'd need
        the screen coordinates if you wanted to put a menu there, but if
        you had a complex icon you'd want to know where in the icon was

      * If it's the coords in the icon how do you know what size the
        icon is being rendered at?  (especially with named icons)

      * If it's the screen coords how do you know where your icon is?
        Do we need to know a screen as well?

      * It seems like that by having the application draw the menu
        you'll end up with GTK menus in the KDE panel and vice versa.
        And despite all of the theming work this will always look a
        little off.  I'd rather see a simple menu protocol so that the
        menu could be rendered "natively."  What are your thoughts on

Looks like a good upgrade to the notification spec.


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