Review request: network:/ kioslave now in kdereview

Stefan Majewsky majewsky at
Wed Apr 22 22:08:33 BST 2009

On Mittwoch 22 April 2009 22:23:18 Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 April 2009, Gary Greene wrote:
> > I agree with this, since when I think of a network:/ ioslave, for me,
> > I think of a network connections type of vfolder ala Windows Network
> > Connections. The lan:/ name conveys what you're trying to see on the
> > lan more so than network:/.
> I disagree with changing the name to "lan". Most people will know what a
> network is, but many people will have no idea what a lan is. As
> such, "network" is IMO the better name.

I second that. It seems to be common to refer to the LAN just as "network", 
because that is what users actually see as a network (often in the literal) 
sense. The internet, in contrast, is just seen as some big, undifferentiated 
entity to which they're connected.

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