Review request: kdelirc

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at
Tue Apr 21 18:32:29 BST 2009

On Tuesday 21 April 2009 18:35:29 you wrote:
> Em Terça-feira 21 Abril 2009, às 18:11:45, Michael Zanetti escreveu:
> > All places where you can find such funny syntax (I'd rather call it PITA
> > syntax) is still the original code of KDE3's kdelirc. We have refactored
> > most parts of if but have not reached 100% yet. For example look into
> > EditAction or AddAction. There you will find our new code.
> >
> > For the next step we are looking to rewrite also the IRAction, Modes etc.
> > But we didn't have the time to complete it for 4.3. So we decided to take
> > a break, make it as stable as possibe, ship it to the users and continue
> > refactoring.
> >
> > Currently I think it is already way more stable as it ever was in KDE3.
> > But I know that there are still such ugly parts left.
> If you're still refactoring it and doing big changes, then I think you are
> not yet in the Review stage.

Well, I've said that wrong. We are not planning on refactoring this code as 
soon we are in trunk. It would stay like this for 4.3. I'm thinking in a 
longer timeframe.

Now, that we have reached a usable and maintainable state we would like to 
deliver kdelirc again because there are many users missing it. After all it is 
already better as in KDE3.

I would of course change the above mentioned lines if you think it is needed 
before moving to trunk.

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