[PATCH] Support for title in notifications

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 23:32:05 BST 2009

> > don't the notifications use the program's icon beside the title?
> > personally that'd be enough for me to match it with a program in my
> > taskbar/systray. not sure if other people would notice the hint, though.
> Not sure if the icon is enough to locate the originating window, but
> thinking out loudly...
> The title of the application is needed to make sure the user know where to
> find context or the source of the notification. (Imagine "Kopete says
> there's a new message". The reason why "Kopete" in this context is
> interesting is so that the user can navigate to the "source" of the
> notification (find it in the taskbar, click on it, locate the originating
> window, open that). For many notification I can imagine, there is no
> sensible application to point the user to, however. ("Your battery has been
> unplugged", "You're now connected to the wireless network givemelove").
> So instead of the title, wouldn't it be much more straightforward to
> provide some icon/button/whatever that gets the user to that "source of the
> notification"? For the IM case, that would be "New message from Tom: "Your
> kitten photos are Qt" [take me there], clicking on [take me there] would
> open the chat window with Tom.
> Does this make sense?


hmmm, and don't we already have that for the cases where it makes sense? :)
I don't have kopete installed right now, but I'm assuming it still has some 
kind of reply/ignore buttons in its notifications.

but what about silly gnome programs that don't believe in such buttons? if the 
user gets a message from... what's gaim called now? pidgin? and it doesn't 
include any way to react, or the name of the program that sent it, will the 
user know what to do?

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