UI files, mass commit?

Christoph Feck christoph at maxiom.de
Thu Apr 16 22:38:50 BST 2009


This is part of my "make KDE respect platform native layout" initiative :)

First, let me announce that kdelibs is now basically free of hard coded layout 
values. If you find a dialog/ui/whatever in kdelibs that has odd layout, or 
does not respect the values of the platform, please report. See my blog at 
http://kdepepo.wordpress.com/ for a way to check.

Now I used a find/sed combo to remove all occurences of layoutfunction, 
layoutdefaults, and pixmapfunction occurences in .ui files.

Basically, the diff removes things such as
- <layoutdefault spacing="6" margin="11" />
- <layoutfunction spacing="KDialog::spacingHint" 
margin="KDialog::marginHint" />
- <pixmapfunction></pixmapfunction>
- <pixmapfunction>qPixmapFromMimeSource</pixmapfunction>

Regarding the layout values, these prevent layout classes to use the style's 
layout values, for example, Oxygen has 4 pixels spacing, 6 pixels margin, and 
removing those values from the .ui file makes the application respect those 
values. On the other hand, removing these values disrespects the programmers 
decision, and if these values had been chosen for a specific reason, that 
could potentially be a problem.

Now my questions:

1. If I would ever commit these removals, should this be done as a single 
commit for the whole trunk/KDE tree, or as commits for individual modules, 
applications, or even single files?

2. Regarding the pixmapfunction, I think this is obsolete with KDE4. Does 
anyone know for sure? I see three references to things like
- <pixmapfunction>SmallIcon</pixmapfunction>

3. Objections?

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

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