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Wed Apr 15 13:04:33 BST 2009

Really nice stuff, I like it. Though, I wonder about the name: since we're 
shipping with systemsettings since 4.0, the change might leave some users 
confused. Apart for this very small thing, I'm all for this replacing 
systemsettings, nice work.

On Tuesday 14 April 2009 10:48:21 Mathias Soeken wrote:
> SVN commit 953524 by msoeken:
> This is our proposal for replace System Settings in KDE 4.3. It is a
> reimplementation based on plugins, so that we provide an Icon Mode (System
> Settings) and a Classic Tree Mode (kcontrol in KDE3). It has been added to
> the KDE 4.3 feature plan.
> CCMAIL:kde-core-devel at
> CCMAIL:sourtooth at
>  A             kdereview/kcontrol4 (directory)  
> playground/base/kcontrol4#953523 D             playground/base/kcontrol4
> (directory)


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