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On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 8:26 AM, Michael Leupold <lemma at> wrote:
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> Mathias Soeken wrote:
>> SVN commit 953524 by msoeken:
>> This is our proposal for replace System Settings in KDE 4.3. It is a
>> reimplementation based on plugins, so that we provide an Icon Mode (System
>> Settings) and a Classic Tree Mode (kcontrol in KDE3). It has been added to
>> the KDE 4.3 feature plan.
> Not a real review but two suggestions/questions from a user point of view:
> - - the kcms are only loaded on double-clicking an icon. is this the way it
> works or some global config setting on my side I'm not aware of?
This is how it is supposed to work, so that memory usage is reduced.
When you select an item in the main splash, it will load all modules
associated with that icon, then allow you to configure them. When you
return to the main splash, they are unloaded.

> - - if I'm in icon view and switch icons fast (before the previous one's
> selection animation is finished), the the previous icon's background
> flickers black.
This would be a bug in KCategorizedView, since we do nothing special here.
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Thanks for the review,
Ben Cooksley.

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