[PATCH] Support for title in notifications

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Fri Apr 10 17:44:31 BST 2009

Le Fredag 10 april 2009, Aurélien Gâteau a écrit :
> Olivier Goffart wrote:
> > Le Fredag 10 april 2009, Aurélien Gâteau a écrit :
> >> Olivier Goffart wrote:
> >
> > I think you might have convinced me.
> > But this is a behaviour change, and each application has to be updated.
> The title defaults to the application name, so existing applications
> should not be impacted.

The title doesn't default to the application name, it default to 
"Notification from <appname>"

The problem is that now, what you want to put in the title was already in the 

> > I would even change the api and rename the 'text' as a 'body'
> This would be binary incompatible, am I wrong?

Yes, i meant deprecating the old one.

> > Oh, and where do you put the name of the application then?
> It should go in the title. But this should be decided by each
> application. We can imagine three formats:
> 1. *App Name*
> 2. *Title - App Name*
> 3. *Title*
> System-like applications like battery, network or update monitors do not
> need to show an application name, and should go for #3 IMO.
> "Real" applications may want to go for either, but I believe in most of
> the cases the application name is not needed: for example in the case of
> Kopete, the user is more interested by the contact name and what the
> contact says than by the application name.

Ok, speaking of Kopete:
But the user needs to know which application the notification comes from.

Example of wrong notification:

I just installed the last KDE and it works

Let's say you can guess it is an incomming message form Joe.
Is it an email, an instant message, irc, write, ...?
Which application should you go to.  Of course you could click on the action 
in the notification, but if you miss it because of a timeout or are busy and 
want to do it later., you maybe just want to discard the notification and 
reply later 
Should you go to kopete, kmail, ...

Well, i hope you see my point.

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