Important Strigi milestone. Need feedback from devs of apps using Strigi and Nepomuk.

Evgeny Egorochkin phreedom.stdin at
Wed Apr 8 20:00:18 BST 2009

Hi guys.

During 2008 Xesam hackfest in Berlin it was decided that Xesam 2.0 would 
become an extension of Nepomuk as opposed to being developed from scratch.

Essentially, Xesam 2.0 becomes a bleeding-edge Nepomuk with extensions often 
making it back into vanilla Nepomuk and provides a set of dbus interface 
standards and other technical specs which affect actual implementation on free 

The end result is that it would be possible to make rich metadata-aware 
applications which work on both popular dektop environments.

This is the first step towards this goal.

Libstreamanalyzer is about to be converted to output data using Nepomuk 
ontologies instead of Xesam 1.0 ones. 

Damage assesment:

This affects external(plug-in) strigi analyzers and apps which use nepomuk, 
who previously had to deal with a funky mix of nepomuk and xesam 1.0 

In most cases the changes require a simple search & replace of property and 
class names. We will do our best to transition everything we find in KDE SVN 

For end-users this update would trigger complete reindexing of file metadata 
due to ontology incompatibilities.

Would be nice to do this on Patch Monday.

-- Evgeny

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