review of katimon

Stefanos Harhalakis v13 at
Tue Apr 7 23:01:28 BST 2009

Hello there,

I've just moved a project named "katimon" from playground/utils/katimon to 
kdereview/katimon. If you find it OK, I'd like to move it to extragear or 
kdeutils (I need some guidance on this. Extragear seems better but kde could 
benefit from such a tool. Perhaps put it in extragear and reconsider it in 
the future)

The program is written in python, so I didn't check it with Krazy supposing 
that it doesn't support python. 

The program is licensed under GPLv3.


katimon is an utility for monitoring and controlling ATI graphics cards that 
support the overdrive feature. It depends on the closed source driver of ATI 
(fglrx) and the command line tool "aticonfig" which it uses. It is the first 
of its kind and provides functionality that existing tools doesn't:

* It monitors the graphics card temperature
* It monitors the g.c. fan speed
* It can control fan speed to keep the noise in low levels
* It is the only graphical utility available for overclicking ATI graphics 
cards under linux
* It displays nice graphs for temperature, gpu usage, fan speed and core speed
* It provides a tray icon with temperature, gpu usage and fan speed 

You can find screenshots at:

Thanks in advance

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