[PATCH] Take care also of the KJob::finished signal in KPart - it also fixes Ark's BUG 187538

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Apr 6 15:48:26 BST 2009

On 06.04.09 16:42:05, Kevin Ottens wrote:
> On Monday 6 April 2009 16:12:11 Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:
> > The patch looks fine and indeed solves the problem I pointed out in
> > reviewboard. Can someone else OK it?
> Sorry but no, the finished() signal is mainly for use with progress dialogs 
> and such. Client code isn't supposed to use it.
> If your problem is a pointer which doesn't go back to 0, and you used the 
> result() signal only to reset this pointer, you probably want to use QPointer 
> instead.

As far as I understood the problem is that the kio job doesn't call
emitResult in some case, but the job is being autodeleted. However the api
dox for result say its always emitted when the job is done, so there seems
to be either a misleading api doc or a broken usage of KJob in kio.

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