Shortcut Scheme support

Michael Jansen kde at
Sun Sep 28 21:30:08 BST 2008

> > But we talk about many applications here. I would say all.
> I'd say its not all, in particular KDevelop, kwrite and kate do not suffer
> from this. And I think (not 100% sure though) kpat, ksudoku and lskat
> also not.

You wish :-))

void KateViewManager::setupActions () //< five actions setup wrong

"Split Ve&rtical"
"Split &Horizontal"
"Next View"
"Previous View" 

kdevelop has more than 10 wrong setup actions. Examples:

"Previous Context"
"Next Context"

Kwrite is actual free from errors.

I have a patch ready that solves the problem while informing the developers of 
the problem. That's why i can present that list above. I just have to make 
sure my solution really works.


Michael Jansen

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