patches for custom styleelements, kcapacitybar

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Sun Sep 28 20:07:11 BST 2008

Am Sunday 28 September 2008 schrieb Thomas Lübking:
> thing's that the function performs a map (or hash: afaik - given the map is
> small - it's more or less equally fast but takes less RAM...) lookup -
> could be considered too expensive in a paint routine. (i'm a scrooge ;-)
... qmap / qhash breakeven size is however ... 10 (single core AMD XP) i.e. 
much less than i'd thought.
as i don't see a good way to fill the map easily on widget demand (that's 
possible in direct style implementations, however) we'd better use a qhash iff 
we can expect larger use of this (for only about 100 entries qhash is here 
twice as fast as qmap)

(rough) speedtest attached

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