katebuild-plugin to kdereview

Kåre Särs kare.sars at kolumbus.fi
Sat Sep 27 08:51:56 BST 2008


I have ported a build plugin to kate (KDE4) and I have now moved 
the plugin to kdereview for inclusion into kdesdk(/kate/plugins). Maybe even 
to replace the current make plugin.

This plugin is originally based on the original make-plugin found in kdesdk, 
but has new features/enhancements. I found the source_prefix and 
build_prefixes hard to understand and the make command was hardcoded to 
gmake, which required me to make a wrapper or a softlink. 

With the new plugin one can specify the build directory, build command, a 
clean command and a quick compile command. The settings are saved with the 
session data. The parsing is also a bit more accurate.

For the moment at least, the parsing is hardcoded for gcc and gnu make (what I 
use). If there is a need for other compilers or build scripts, it could be 
possible to add some kind of wrapper scripts or some other mechanism to get 
the filenames.

I have run krazy2all on the plugin and there should not be any warnings left.

Kåre Särs

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