kxmlgui shortcuts regression

Andreas Hartmetz ahartmetz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 11:45:16 BST 2008

Am Samstag 20 September 2008 14:47:47 schrieb Michael Jansen:
> On Saturday 20 September 2008 13:39:54 Nick Shaforostoff wrote:
> > >Never call setShortcut over an QAction* if the action is a KAction.
> >
> > Why not subscribe to QAction::changed() signal and check if shortcut
> > was changed?
> I don't know who wrote KAction and made the design desicions.
> Mike

I guess the last guy to change it significantly was me, mostly I removed 
excessive methods and touched global shortcuts though, IIRC. About design 
decisions - this looks like an oversight, not a decision :)
In fact setShortcut(const QKeySequence &) is explicitly overridden and 
contains a comment about this but it quite obviously isn't enough. Using the 
changed() signal as a hook to make setShortcut() fake-virtual sounds like a 
good idea.

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