kxmlgui shortcuts regression

Michael Jansen kde at michael-jansen.biz
Sun Sep 21 16:56:55 BST 2008

> > Could you please give a use case? I have no idea what you are talking
> > about. But perhaps david can help you as in "know that beast
> > kxmlguiclient".
> Lets take KDevelop (though in theory even konqueror with multiple tabs
> should do):
> - open two file, you get two tabs. Lets say fileA and fileB
> - Focus fileA and open shortcuts editor
> - change a shortcut thats specific for the xmlgui-client - i.e. not part
>   of the application. In my example I'm changing "Capitalize" which is
>   a katepart shortcut, to Meta+Ctrl+C
> - close the editor via "ok"
> - check wether the shortcut works, for me it does
> - Switch to fileB by clicking on the tab or using Alt+Left/Right,
>   doesn't matter
> - try the shortcut, it doesn't work. Go to the shortcuts editor and see
>   that the shortcut for the action is back to Default, i.e. Ctrl+Alt+U
>   in the case of Capitalize
> Now I'm not sure where the error is in this case, wether its the xmlgui
> framework not notifying its clients about changes in the shortcuts, or
> the clients not doing the right thing or wether the app is responsible
> for notifying the clients. But somethings wrong for sure.

I think we have to wait for Davids opinion on that matter. But if iirc i have 
seen Robert Knight fighting in konsole with something that looks like what you 
report. Am i right robert?


Michael Jansen


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