[PATCH] kwalletd, get rid of delayed messages

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Sat Sep 20 10:11:35 BST 2008


following a suggestion by Thiago I propose the attached patch to kwalletd. It 
gets rid of delaying messages by changing how the a wallet SHOULD be opened:
- client sends an openAsync methodcall
- server returns a transaction identifier and starts handling the transaction
- client listens to the server's walletAsyncOpened signal (which will be 
emitted on success and failure)

- no more problems with timeouts on open-calls (currently I just set a huge 
timeout to not make that happen in 4.1)
- we get rid of the QDBusMessage arguments in the adaptor and thus can auto-
generate it (currently there's a redundancy between the interface.xml in 
kdelibs and the adaptor.h in kdebase).

I'm in process of adapting KWallet::Wallet to use the new mechanism. To keep 
the DBus interface compatible I reimpleneted the KWalletD::open call to use 
the new openAsync call + an eventloop.

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